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Woodstock Institute for Negotiation

Woodstock, Vermont

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Mediation Services for complex, multi-party and important conflicts

"Everything can and should be negotiated, if not now, then later."

WIN's Mediation Services

The Woodstock Institute for Negotiation offers mediation services for a wide range of disputes, including the following:

  • Divorce and Post-Divorce Disputes including separation, divorce, child custody, support and visitation issues, and pre-nuptual and post-nuptual agreements.
  • Environmental Disputes including Environmental Court mandated mediation, Local Zoning applications and appeals, State Act 250 applications and appeals, allegations of permit condition violations, and processes to work with affected neighbors for new development projects and changes to existing developments.
  • Family Businesses, Partnerships and Closely Held Corporations including breakups, dissolutions, management problems, partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, and changes in existing agreements.
  • Construction Disputes including Partnering Agreements, Contractor and Subcontractor disputes, Contractor and Owner disputes, Design Disputes, and Allegations of failure to adequately construt disputes.
  • Civil Litigation Disputes including court required mediations, personal liability suits, product liability suits, medical malpractice suits, contract suits, wrongful termination suits, violation of civil rights suits, real estate suits, boundary disputes, probate matters, construction suits, multi-party suits, and complex litigation.
  • Internal Business Disputes including disputes between co-workers, managers, departments, and management.
  • External Business Disputes including disputes with suppliers, customers, other businesses, neighbors and members of the public.
  • Union and Management Disputes including negotiations for a master agreement, grievances, strikes, work slowdowns, and work stoppages.
  • Governmental Disputes including obtaining of permits or approvals and allegations of violations
  • Community Diputes including disputes within a community, disputes with other communities, and disputes involving a large number of participants.
  • Any potential litigation matter.

Most of WIN's mediations are performed by its Senior Mediator, Bob O'Donnell. Bob has been mediating since 1984 and has mediated hundreds of cases. He uses a collaborative approach in most of his mediations, focusing on improving the communication and relationships among the parties and helping them to move off of positions and understand their own and the other party's underlying and motivating interests to come up with a true resolution of the dispute so that the parties feel good about the process, themselves, the other party, and the agreement reached. He is the creator of this Collaborative WIN Process, which he has taught to thousands of people across the nation and around the world, and is a recognized trainer of mediators. Resume of WIN Senior Mediator Robert J. O'Donnell

Please Note: Disputes which are not resolved continue to fester and escalate. The longer you wait to mediate, the more difficult and time consuming a mediation will be. You can mediate at any time for any dispute, but the sooner you initiate a mediation the quicker and more successful it can be. Don't hesitiate to call for a free mediation consultation on your dispute. Call as soon as you can.

For further information, please call
WIN's Senior Mediator, Bob O'Donnell,
for a free mediation consultation.

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