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Comments from Training Participants

Comments from Participants of WIN Training by Robert J. O’Donnell

"This was the most profound educational experience of my life. I shall use what I have gained in all aspects of my business, family and personal life forever."

"I usually find that I learn one or two new ideas or concepts at most training courses. Your training course, however, has virtually changed my life. Your negotiation training course has taught me to listen and act in a new way –– a new dimension. It has provided me with new tools to work on through every day conflicts as well as the skills to manage large conflicts involving diverse interests and issues. … The theories, the rules, the guidelines are practical and easy to learn and understand. … I cannot remember the last time I was inspired to endorse a particular course I attended; the Collaborative Negotiation and Settlement Advocacy Course is definitely an exception. The Woodstock Institute for Negotiation provides the tools we need to make a positive change and a real difference in the way we work toward resolving conflict in our changing society. Thank you again for the exciting, educational, and entertaining experience."

"Just a few lines to express my sincere appreciation for the very stimulating course you presented in Belfast at the end of July. I have to confess I attended with a certain skepticism which stemmed from the rather arrogant belief that I had previously provided training to others in this area and there was little you would be able to offer. I am pleased to say this was not the case. I left your course very enthusiastic about the collaborative negotiation process and ideas you outlined. I will of course share much of this with my colleagues."

"Thank you for truly the finest seminar I have ever attended. Your insight and presentation of the collaborative method has already had and will have a profound and far reaching impact on me. Already, it has assisted me in negotiating transactions on behalf of clients. Moreover, the tools you taught have been instrumental in better preparing my clients in several circumstances. If more attorneys would take your program, far better results would be achievable that satisfy client’s long term objectives. I greatly appreciate your having given me an opportunity to learn these new and exciting techniques as well as building a framework to implement these concepts."

"The Rural Carriers of Vermont would like to thank you for that stimulating and very informative training during the late summer and early fall. Everyone that participated talks about how much they learned, about themselves, their co-workers and how to improve the process of negotiating and the collaborative ‘win/win’ method."

"The Collaborative Method taught by Mr. O’Donnell is an essential management discipline. It can be applied in some fashion to most aspects of company relations, within and without. Using Collaborative techniques in our sales immediately created direct, measurable benefits."

"Bob O’Donnell is a creative inspiring teacher. Information on negotiation and conflict resolution fit beautifully with our company’s efforts to implement total quality management and self directed work teams."

"It’s hard to believe that four days of training have come and gone. I thoroughly enjoyed the time in South Burlington and find that I am employing many of the lessons that I learned there. … I personally found the 4 days at South Burlington more rewarding than the three-week Law Enforcement Command Institute at Babson College."

"I have taken both the Introductory and Advanced Negotiations courses taught at Harvard Law School and while both programs were useful I found Professor O’Donnell’s approach more applicable and systematic to the real world of business negotiations. I only wish that I had taken his program 20 years ago – the mistakes I would have avoided!"

"Sincerely, Sincerely, all the training sessions gave us an opportunity to learn more about negotiation and collaboration and will probably help us to build a strong working team."

"All information was relevant and easily understood even by those not able to write or read."

"20 of us came together over 4 days which gave us an opportunity to grow as a team. Wonderful facilitator. We can start to bring about positive changes in the way that we work and resolve our conflicts."

"I want to thank personally the person who had an idea to bring Bob to Mauritania and for Bob BEING HERE to share his knowledge with us in Mauritania."

"This was one of the most worthwhile classes that I have taken."

"It’s been extremely valuable in changing my whole feeling about conflict – personally & professionally."

"Excellent course - practical, helpful, insightful"

"I had no idea how much more interesting it can be to be creative in problem solving or to try to work with others collaboratively. … I have learned a great deal that I will hopefully blend into my pattern of behavior."

"The Course was stimulating, interesting, worthwhile, enjoyable."

"I feel a sense of control I have not felt before. I feel more optimistic that I did when the course began. I feel a greater balance to my life and I am enjoying my personal and professional relationships much more. I am thankful for having learned about this, thankful that it is practical and useful and thankful for the effect is has already had on me."

"It has given me a positive outlook in my dealings with people and situations."

"Little did I know that I was getting into one of the most valuable courses I've taken in a long time. I have been challenged to analyze, try out, and assimilate new theories and techniques for resolving conflicts. The process has not always been enjoyable, but it has been fruitful. … The material I've been exposed to will have to become a reference and a resource. .... I'm finishing this course with a feeling that I could repeat it – as is – in a year or so - and not be at all bored. That's rather unusual."

"Everyone should have to take it sometime!!"

"One of the best I have ever had."

"This is one of the first courses I've taken of which I can truly say I've learned something that is of value to me. Thanks."

"[What I like best about the Course is ] the new me."

"You have helped us to prepare ourselves to confront problems. More importantly, however, you have done it in the context of making all people involved feel satisfied with the outcome. Win - win is a difficult concept for many of us who have always believed in Win - lose. Your concept makes much more sense."

"I came into the course thinking that it would enhance my ability to work with teacher-school board negotiations in my district. I leave it with the realization that my original goal was far too limited and that I am now far better prepared to do every aspect of my job as superintendent. For this, I thank you sincerely."

"Excellent. It changed my life."

"It is with total sincerity when I say that the course was outstanding."

"I am convinced that collaborative negotiations with proper procedural preparation and proper preparation of my own case, interests, and positions, as well as preparation on the other side's interests and positions, etc. will work."

"There was nothing in the course which I could say "Wrong!" to. There was too much that I could say "Right!" to. I think I will catch up with it. Whereas in my youth I wanted to be a magician, and then an actor who did magic and then a writer who wrote plays to do magic in, now I know that the magic is negotiation … not always in the formal sense, but more often in the everyday ways that offer themselves to all of us."

"I have developed a conscious intention to become collaborative, and I know what it means."

"I rank this course in quality with three other skills courses I have taken, two of which I teach (but which I did not create). ... This and two of the others have changed my life-view."


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